What is Xvid CODEC?

XviD along with DivX are the most normally encoded motion pictures. DivX used to be the most prevalent, until it went from open source to a partnership that purchased the rights and began charging for it (despite the fact that the split can without much of a stretch be gotten for the DivX encoder, the vast majority have changed to XviD, in light of the fact that it is open source, as well as on the grounds that it is predominant from various perspectives). In the most recent year or somewhere in the vicinity, numerous remain solitary DVD players have been discharged that are fit for playing DivX or XviD motion pictures (even on CDRs), which has made this the most mainstream type of encoding. The larger part of XviD or DivX tears are taken from DVDs, and are by and large in as great quality as could be expected under the circumstances that can fit on one 700MB CDR plate, which is the reason most XviD or DivX motion pictures are precisely 700MB, so they can be copied onto a CDR and played in these new DVD players (which can be bought pretty much anyplace for as meager as around $30-$40 USD). Different codecs exist, the most prominent right now being the new XviD 1.2 codec. DivX encoded motion pictures will play on these new DVD players, and it just takes somewhat straightforward tweaking by the ripper to guarantee XviDs will play on them too, yet it is thusly not ensured. (In the event that you need to take in more about XviD or DivX encoding so you can make your own DVDrips, simply visit doom9.org)

What is Xvid Player?

Xvid Players incorporate numerous players. Windows Media Player is a standout amongst the most usually utilized XviD players, principally in light of the fact that it’s the default media player in Windows and its fit for playing practically any video organize with the privilege codecs introduced. This player ought to be introduced on your PC as of now.

How to Install Xvid Player

To play the XviD recordings you initially need to introduce the XviD codec on your PC. To introduce the XviD codec, essentially download the most recent rendition of the codec accessible for your framework and take after the establishment guidelines. After you’ve introduced the video codec on your framework, your media player of decision ought to have the capacity to play all XviD films and recordings. On the off chance that you keep running into any issues, please elude to the XviD FAQ for answers for normal XviD codec establishment and playback issues.

How to Play Xvid Videos

Xvid is another video codec that can be utilized as an open source venture to pack motion pictures with unique picture quality and little document estimate. With superb pressure innovation, XviD recordings which joined with MP3 or AC3 sound set aside less opportunity to encode than MPEG-2. Notwithstanding of this, Xvid is still not usually utilized and the playback of XviD motion pictures requires XviD players. In fact you can play XviD records with VLC Media Player or Windows Media Player. Another approach to open and appreciate XviD recordings is to play them with home DVD player in the wake of changing over Xvid to DVD. Here are the absolute most likely sort of compartments you will discover, and what you should download in the event that you have any of the accompanying document sorts.


AVI is a standout amongst the most well-known mixed media compartment designs being used on the Internet, and on the off chance that you have XviD video, and then it’s exceptionally plausible that you have an AVI record. AVI remains for stands for Audio Video Interleave. It can store a variety of sorts of video and sound substance. XviD substance can be put away in the AVI compartment, and is frequently joined by either the MP3 or the AC3 (basically Dolby Digital) sound. You don’t have to download anything extra just yet in the event that you have an AVI document.


OGM is a document in view of the OGG holder. Basically it is a hack of OGG to store video content. OGM documents regularly contain XviD video with AC3 or MP3 sound simply like AVI, yet as a rule, you will discover OGG Vorbis sound put away in the OGM compartment. On the off chance that you take the Easiest Option in this guide for playback (VLC Media Player), then you won’t have to download anything new. An OGM record is an OGG media document. OGM is a holder arrangement that can store video streams, sound streams and subtitles. This article demonstrates to play OGM records and utilize some of its points of interest over the AVI compartment. It points of interest the most effortless strategy and appearing to get OGM records taking a shot at general players like Windows Media Player. OGM is a compartment arrangement that can store video, sound and subtitle streams, additionally bolsters numerous subtitle tracks, different sound of contrasting organizations, and bolster for sections and Vorbis sound. To play these documents you require three things; Haali Media Splitter (or OggDS or comparative), decoders for the video and sound streams included and a product player. In any case, before we get into introducing the greater part of that, I simply need to specify the VLC player and how it can make this much simpler. For this, Download and introduce the VLC player. The VLC bundle as of now incorporates programming to play OGM records and in addition the video and sound substance (more often than not) and can utilize some of its additional elements.

Latest Xvid CODEC Version

Most recent XviD Video Codec will extraordinarily extend the quantity of playable video organizes on your PC. Also, you can utilize the implicit pressure programming to spare circle space by contracting recordings you’ve viewed without contrarily affecting their quality. Pros include: Enhanced video bolster: If you’re experiencing a video that you can’t play, XviD Video Codec may help you watch it, because of its wide support for video groups, Fast pressure: Through the product’s MiniConvert highlight, we could pack an AVI record from 50MB to 40MB in less than a moment, and when we analyzed the two variants, we couldn’t identify any drop in quality. Take note of that the pressure highlight is not perfect with all video designs; in our underlying endeavor at pressure, we got a mistake while attempting to pack a MP4 record, Advanced settings: Using the devoted Encoder and Decoder arrangement applications, we could conform propelled settings like the pressure proportion, encoding sort, post-handling, and angle proportion. There is additionally a “Reestablish Defaults” alternative, which can prove to be useful in the event that you can’t fix any modification you may have made. The cons incorporate; Uninspired interface: All control boards and settings utilize the same tired plan we’ve been taking a gander at since Windows 95. While utilitarian, the application’s interface is surely not pleasant.

Generally speaking, If you experience difficulty playing a specific video you have on your PC, or you’re simply hoping to spare some plate space by compacting old motion pictures, XviD Video Codec ought to have the capacity to finish those undertakings for you. Also, in case you’re into tweaking your codecs’ execution, this open-source programming won’t disappoint you.

Xvid to DVD

Keeping in mind the end goal to copy XviD to DVD, an expert DVD copying project is required. Aimersoft DVD Creator is such a workable apparatus, to the point that gives you a chance to change over and copy XviD recordings to DVD with to a great degree high caliber. This DVD copier which installs a video editorial manager permits you to include remarkable watermarks or subtitles, attach exceptional creative impacts to recordings and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. In addition, you can likewise make customized DVD menu with your most loved ambient sounds and pictures. Add XviD records to the XviD to DVD copier 1. Adding XviD files to XviD to the DVD burner: Run either XviD to DVD copier after effectively introducing it in your PC. Click Import catch to add the Xvid records to be changed over to DVD. Pick the DVD display (D5 or D9) and video quality on the base of the principle window. 2. Customization of DVD menu Change to the Menu tab. There are numerous free DVD menu formats gave. Simply pick one you get a kick out of the chance to fit your DVD topic. The textual style and textual style shading can be changed to suit the foundation pictures. You can tweak the DVD menu according to needs. 3. Burning XviD video files to the DVD

Before beginning the copying procedure, you can review your DVD films by tap on the Preview catch. Slide to the Burn tab and embed a clear DVD. At the point when all settings are done, tap on the Burn catch to copy all your XviD recordings to DVD instantly. You can likewise change over XviD video to ISO records in the event that you would prefer not to copy them to DVD immediately.

Fourcc Xvid

FOURCC is another way to say “four character code” – an identifier for a video codec, pressure configuration, shading or pixel arrange utilized as a part of media documents. A character in this setting is 1 byte/8 bit esteem, along these lines a FOURCC dependably takes up exactly 32 bits/4 bytes in a record. Another approach to compose FOURCC is 4CC (4 as in “four” character code). The four characters in a FOURCC are by and large constrained to be inside the intelligible characters in the ASCII table. As a result of this it is anything but difficult to pass on and convey what the FOURCCs are inside a media document. AVI documents is the most far reaching, or the main broadly utilized media record organization, to utilize FOURCC identifiers for the codecs used to pack the different video/sound streams inside the records Some of the all the more notable FOURCCs incorporate “H264”, “XVID”, “DIVX” and “DX50”. Be that as it may, these are only a couple of the hundreds being used.

Putting Xvid on to DVD

since DVD-R as well as the DVD+R recorders get increasingly well known, huge amounts of individuals are taking a gander at changing over their old DivX and XviD motion picture reinforcements to DVDR arrange (all the more particularly to DVD-Video design which can played with remain solitary DVD players). Fortunately there are a few freeware and additionally shabby shareware devices that permit doing this fairly effortlessly. Clearly you need the first AVI video source, packaged with the sound track in it. For subtitle change, you need your subtitles in SRT design, which is regularly utilized by SubRip. Also, you need a DVD recorder on the off chance that you plan to copy these motion pictures to DVDR and – as regular with video altering – you need more than 5GB of free space on your HDD.

Xvid Audio

XviD arrangement is one of the prevalent video document design used to store motion pictures and video clippings by packing the films utilizing XviD codec without losing the picture quality. XviD organize documents give higher quality video at littler record size and backings to play the records on different media players productively. In any case, there are sure issues that mean unavailability or unplayable XviD recordings. Also, one of the intermittently observed issue is XviD video won’t play any stable; it just demonstrates the pictures with no sound. Thus, client gets stuck in an unfortunate situation by confronting this blunder while playing imperative recordings. One can take after any of these techniques to tackle XviD document issues and make it playable with no issue.

  • Step 1: Check for right XviD codec on your framework before playing any XviD video. On the off chance that there is no legitimate Codec then introduce the right one.
  • Step 2: Convert the document to some other famous video groups like AVI, MP4 and check if the record plays sound effectively.
  • Step 3: Verify that the media player has no inconsistencies in its working. Additionally reinstalling the application may work once in a while
  • Step 4: At last, make utilization of applicable outsider utility to settle the issue

The most favoured video repair apparatus, Yodot AVI Repair can be exceptionally useful in understanding no sound XviD record issues. This program precisely examines the video petition for all inconsistencies and fixes it inside few traverse of time. The device is equipped for settling debased/harmed XviD documents and AVI and DivX video arrange records without breaking a sweat. To have better information of this utility, have a go at utilizing the demo programming accessible for both Windows and Mac stages. Windows clients can attempt this instrument on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and 2008 OS stages. Also, Mac clients can utilize this device on OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion adaptations.